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Newspaper raves about the Garmin nüvi

by GPS4US 2013-08-09 14:39

Ahh, the Garmin nüvi. We know it may be the best driving GPS unit on the market, and apparently so do a few other people.

The Dallas Morning News just came out with a comparison of four GPS tools at your disposal, including the nüvi’s Essential series. They also reviewed smartphone-based Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Navigon. The nüvi, with its affordable price tag, performed incredibly well, of course.

One advantage it has over the other three is that it locks onto GPS satellites instead of cell phone towers. That means more accurate navigation and a better reading on your location.

If you'd rather use an in-car navigation device, the Garmin nüvi can't be beat,” the newspaper said. “…Satellite navigation is much more reliable, especially if you're taking a road trip off the beaten path. The turn-by-turn directions can be customized to your liking, and also use landmarks (along with street names) to help you make the right turns. Another innovative feature is the "Lane Guidance" prompt that helps you choose which lane to be in. Priced at $150, the Garmin nüvi Essential model is a bargain, especially when you consider that they offer free map updates for life.”


Actually, that $150 price tag might be a little misleading. In our store, you can find plenty of nüvi Essential units for much less than that

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