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Orchestrated team of flying robots pioneer construction of mini-skyscraper

by GPS4US 2011-12-02 14:04

Flying Robots build a towerHelicopters are quite often used by construction contractors to install complex structures on top of buildings in busy metro areas where crane could not be used or there is no other way to bring the bulky module of the building structure into its place within the architectural design. The latest technology advances in developing the unmanned flying machines the robotic multicopters and making each robocopter part of the synchronized flying construction team allowed architects to try completely new unheard of methods of construction. The concept changes the culture of how we think about building a building and change the culture of designing architecture. The robotic multicopters are participating in the team building effort sharing the artificial intelligence capabilities of the distributed construction control computer system with artificial intelligence capabilities.

flying robots team carrying bricksThis entirely new concept of architectural design beats the new path to the future of architectural construction. In the most recent demonstration which took place in Orleans in France in front of an audience the team building concept has proven success. The flying robots delivered live performance of construction effort in front of hundreds of people over a period of several days, orchestrated by invisible, transparent to the audience distributed control system which managed trajectories and motions of all the flying vehicles dancing in the air, picking up bricks and putting them in their precise places of the structure.

Putting the payload into the wall - flying ropbots teamThe fleet of robotic multicopters, the quadcopters, have built a 20 feet high twisting tower delivering 1500 foam bricks into their precise locations. It is believed to be the first such installation built this way. The robotic flying team of quadcopters together with the sophisticated control system was  developed by scientists of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. The multicopters use motion sensors to position themselves in the air. The array of sensors tracks the position of each member of the robotic flying team while in the air delivering the brick to its predefined location within the three dimensional architectural model, as well as in the charging and docking areas. The traffic control system is integrated with the robust multi dimensional computer model keeping all flights to their schedule and making sure quadcopters are able to avoid each other while picking up and placing the bricks in exactly the right place. Each place has its longitude, latitude and elevation high precision parameters within the architectural model matrix. 

Orchestrated flying robots teamThe robust navigation environment has similarity with the Earth global positioning system satellite constellation providing high precision coordinates to GPS navigators and Course Compass Units used by all existing autonomous vehicles. The complex arrays of motion sensors, video cameras, radars, transmitters and receivers are installed in the key locations of the "Foreman" environment surrounding the architectural structure which is being built. It is sort of conglomerate of the modern air traffic control system and the miniature model of the outer space orbital GPS satellite constellation system, much like a tiny version of the GPSS or GLONASS. The "Foreman" computer system virtual model and processing algorithms use best practices of the diverse navigational systems concepts to introduce the artificial intelligence features and provide the longitude, latitude and elevation of each brick in its exact place within the mini-skyscraper being built by the flying robotic quadcopters. The virtual model of space navigation system also tracks and knows exact location of each flying machine at any moment in time. The computer model tracks all flying objects in real time and synchronizes the flight trajectories of each robot while carrying the payload as well as on their way to the charging stations. The multicopters recharged while waiting to be tasked. They would then collect a foam brick, each weighing half a kilogram, and place it exactly where instructed by the "Foreman" computer control system. 

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