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Politicians use GPS for unseemly, but legal, research

by GPS4US 2014-09-09 10:25

Hey, politics is a dirty game. And when you have GPS technology at your disposal, and you’re a dirty politician, you
might as well use it for evil, right?


Now a quick disclaimer. We at don’t condone using GPS for evil. It should only be used for good. Use it
for things like finding a new route to your grandma’s house, or taking your spouse out on a scavenger hunt, or
tracking your fitness goals (Like you can do with the new Garmin Vivofit , by the way).

Don’t use GPS to track people who don’t know they’re being tracked. That’s bad form. That’s what New York State
republicans are finding out after it was discovered that Assembly Republicans hired a private investigator to use a
GPS device to see if assemblyman Edward Hennessey lived in the Long Island district he represents.

Then again, maybe the accused doesn’t see that as bad form. As you might have guessed, there’s a war of political
grandstanding going on around this incident. So, the Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver compared the GPS
actions to Watergate.

Well, state GOP chairman Ed Cox was having none of that, calling Silver’s comment “absolutely silly,” according to
the New York Daily News.

“Watergate was illegal,” Cox told the Daily News. “It was breaking in and tapping a phone, which was absolutely

And, he has a point. In New York, just tracking someone with a GPS device isn’t illegal. And politics can be muddy.

“Politics ain’t beanbags,” Cox told the Daily News. “if you’re trying to prove something illegal is being done and
you’re using legal means to do it, go ahead and do it.”

The information was used in a lawsuit against Hennessy, brought on by his opponent, Dean Murray, to challenge that
Hennessy didn’t live in the district.

And, as you can guess, there’s a lot of other stuff being said be each side.

But the point is, the American political system is a giant soap opera of adults acting like children. But GPS is
still pretty awesome.

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