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Quad Helix GPS combined with Two Way Radio makes Rino 655t a perfect choice for outdoor adventurer and geocaching enthusiast teams

by Rus Abz 2011-12-23 13:56


Forest GeocachingThe newly released family of GPS enabled Two Way Rino Radios with Quad helix antenna features a robust, simple to operate and conveniently shaped design which makes this GPS navigator family a real treasure for geocaching and outdoor enthusiasts. Simply put Rino 650 is the base model, next step up Rino 650 adds 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter, and another step up the Rino 655t has preloaded 100K topographic mapping and 5 megapixel auto focus camera. Let's look at what is new and cool in top of the line GPS enabled 2-way radios family. The high end Rino 655t shares imaging information wirelessly with other compatible Garmin GPS devices with ANT+ capability. Your discovered waypoints, tracks, routes and geocaches become available to the other team members. This GPS enabled 2 way radio may help not disturb the wildlife as it allows unit-to-unit exchange of text messages between peer devices which is also convenient in loud or windy conditions.

Rino's three member family enjoys the Quad Helix antenna design which, coupled with high-sensitivity GPS receive is a masterpiece of radio electronics allowing traveler or hunter to quickly find her or his position and accurately maintain it even in forest or bushes heavy cover. The outdoor adventurer and geocaching enthusiast as well as hunter will use not only two way radio features like outstanding radio frequency  transmit power of 0.5 watts FRS, 2.0 watts GMRS for Canada models, and 5.0 watts GMRS for US models which translates in extended range of two way communication of up to 2 miles over FRS and up to 20 miles over GMRS.

Rino easy to read elevation screenThe new Rino 655t shows an excellent GPS parameters as well. On GPS side Rino includes 10K points log of 200 saved tracks, electronic 3-axis compass, barometric altimeter, hunt and fish calendar, Sun and Moon positioning information, area calculation capability, and geocaching friendliness. Rino 610 is boosting interest of GPS enthusiasts all over the world. For outdoor adventurers looking to purchase an affordable in the first place GPS navigator for an excellent balance of price, value and performance parameters. The choice of Rino 610 is obvious for affordability on the one hand, and on the other for an innovative features like GPS Position Reporting which allows the user to broadcast her or his precise location to other Rino family users, so the adventurer's team members can see the sender's position on their detailed map page. Garmin provides full support for updated maps via the topographic maps website.

Quad Helix Antenna works well even under heavy forest cover

At the first glance the Rino 650 represents a well balanced and positioned right in between Rino 610 affordability and and Rino 655t luxury of features, so to speak Rino 650 may be thought of as "jack of all trades" on today's handheld GPS gadget market. Rino 650 comes with barometric altimeter, 3-axis electronic compass, wireless data sharing, 5 watts of radio transmit power, vibrate mode, NOAA weather radio, microSD card slot, color touchscreen display and  rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. It has an excellent value both for the beginner geocaching enthusiast and for the experienced traveler using GPS devices for long time.

On the side note and surprisingly Rino has some sports and fitness features too earlier available only in Forerunner athlete oriented navigators. To find out more check the contents of the Rino package and full list of its features along with free shipping and international availability information from online store. We also offer an extended line of GPS navigators and the two way radios products from several established GPS manufacturers as well.

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