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Rest easy, baby Jesus, GPS is here.

by GPS4US 2013-12-23 12:38

Apparently, it’s come to this.

Some people can’t just get into the holiday spirit unless they’re stealing a nativity scene.

Luckily, GPS is there to stop it. A company called Brickhouse Security is handing out free GPS trackers
to churches to prevent their sacred scene of Jesus’ first hours from going missing, MyFoxDC reports.

The church members can insert the GPS units into Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph or any of the Three Wise Men.
If the figurines go missing, the church receives an alert.

Of course, nativity theft isn’t exclusive to Washington, DC.  NBC News reports that it’s happening in
Illinois, too.

"Two of the Wise Men disappeared and ended up at Four Lakes Ski Resort," said the Rev. George Smith of
St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Glen Ellyn, Ill. "Of course God knows where they are, but now maybe we
have a better chance to know as well."

And now, we can all rest easy knowing that GPS is providing an extra layer of protection to our
nativity scenes.

Unfortunately, doesn’t offer GPS trackers for your nativity scenes, but we do have a ton of
amazing products at low prices. Might we suggest the Garmin zumo 350LM for motorcycle enthusiasts or,
if golf is more your thing, the Garmin Approach S4?

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