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Russian waste management trucks subject of Global positioning system tracking by the GLONASS implementation

by Russel 2011-07-21 17:35


Glonass targets waste management control and ecology  improvementIt is most unfortunate that in Russia, Ukraine and many other former USSR countries garbage utilization has been increasing problem for many years. 

Installation on the garbage collection trucks of special GPS sensors that will track the routes of their movement is dictated by urgent necessity. Thousands of trucks driven daily to forests, remote locations, unmanageable landfills, instead of going to the waste management recycling plants worsen Russian ecology daily. Tens of thousands of tons of waste are being dumped every day anywhere but in dedicated waste management facilities. 

Many beautiful forests, river banks  and lake sides became places full of garbage as they are not monitored by the officials located far from everything but their city offices. 

Middle man waste collection companies often promise to take care of proper garbage collection, delivery and utilization, but their promise that garbage will be delivered to the dedicated area is not kept. Garbage trucks   throw waste in any place driver will find uncontrolled and easy to dump harmful content. Thus saving longer trip to  the official receiver of waste. Moneys end up in the pockets of middle man enterprising dealers. Beautiful places known to be attractive to tourists and travelers are becoming avoided by tourists as many of them are  poisoned by waste. 

More than a third of these amounts must be paid at the landfill. Since there is no control, some drivers are tempted to pocket and money. Putting tons of mud in the forest, they come back for another party. Easy money make them not think about the damage to ecology as there is no control nor effective law enforcement. Meanwhile, the leaks of harmful poisoned substances into the soil that are formed during the decomposition of garbage are growing in scale and danger. There are many waste substances, which do not decompose. These garbage mountains grow to hundreds of meters away and become extremely dangerous to nature.

There is hope that with rapid development of the GLONASS GPS tracking system solutions for waste management there would be more control with the help of GPS technology to help improve worsening ecology situation in Russia and other former USSR states, like Ukraine where same problem stands in beautiful Crimea at the shore of Black Sea. With truck automobile and GPS industry leaders worldwide showing interest to GLONASS market and taking steps towards GPS GLONASS GPS standards implementation on a single chipset into account there is hope.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Sergei Ivanov proposed to equip garbage trucks with Glonass  navigational satellite system equipment, which will control routes of waste management vehicles. "I think that if environmental issues in Russia will be solved much more successful than now",  stated Mr. Sergei Ivanov. According to him, today "there are numerous instances when the garbage trucks, doing their job, do not go to the official waste management site, where you have to dump garbage, but to the nearest forest, because it is faster and more convenient." The Vice Premier said that currently GLONASS is installed on vehicles at the federal and regional level. He also noted that the new system had not yet reached the commercial sector. 

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