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Safety First: Ford and Toyota partner to ease development of new Hands-Free Telematics System assisted Hybrid Vehicle

by Rusti 2011-08-23 12:34


Vehicle on-board telematics systems navigate and automatically notify rescuers about vehicle accident. Among automobile makers competing in the telematics systems market, Ford's "Sync", GM's "OnStar" and Toyota's "Entune" telematics systems are among most advanced and innovative designs. They target completely hands-free human interfaces which are designed to allow car driver to focus on the road avoiding distracted driving. The requirement of "Safety First" is enforced by Federal regulators organizations raising the bar for safety and quality of the telematic system as consumer electronics like smartphones, GPS navigators, car sound and video entertainment systems are crowding the dashboard. Following the federal requirements involves the process of intense testing of the telematics systems for safety standards. Together with full compliance with industry' safety regulations may increase the cost of the car equipped with the advanced telematics system.

Ford and Toyota join forces for innovation of telematics systems for hybrid vehicles

World's leading automakers are joining forces willing to share knowledge to decrease research and development costs and come up with the unified telematics system solution. Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) and Toyota Motor Corp (NYSE:TM) have engaged into high technology collaborating partnership to create a new vehicle hybrid equipped with an advanced telematics system. Joint effort is going to combine knowledge in on board electronic control system which targets several goals. The new command center will help improve fuel efficiency at the same time, providing increased torque and share telematic system knowledge. Ford's "Sync" telematics system has been tested long enough to established itself in the hands-free realm. Ford "Sync" telematics system reached the installation base of impressive three million units with eighty percent of drivers actually using the "Sync" on the go. Toyota's "Entune" newcomer can build upon shared telematics system insights to improve existing and introduce a newer safety features. Toyota's approach is to unify the car's on board internet high speed backbone among multiple electronic systems and gadgets to improve the data transfer throughput and lower overall system cost by sharing key resources. Toyota's "Entune" targets more advanced technology of speech recognition which allows the driver to avoid slower repetitions of key commands and enjoy speaking naturally. 

By sharing the on board network high speed backbone the new generation of telematics system could easily interface with the variety of car electronics controls, computer devices and navigational applications. It becomes the distributed "nervous system" which takes into account and collects real time situational information benefiting from  interrelationships with arrays of various sensors, intelligent microprocessors of different safety devices like air bags, the anti-lock braking system, the seat belt check system, and speed limit control unit to name a few. Ford and Toyota partnership with collaboration and sharing of innovation experience is promising that new generation of on-board telematics system for newer lower fuel consumption hybrid vehicles will increase safety and reduce chance of accidents caused by distracted driving while lowering the research and development costs yet keeping the new telematics system equipped hybrid vehicles in an affordable price range.  

Toyota Entune speech recongition telematics system

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