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Safety first with new generation of GPS enabled driver assist systems

by Rusti 2011-08-12 12:39

Modern satellite navigational systems such as the Global Positioning System technologies help develop semi-automated and almost completely self-controlled directional navigational systems not only for military avionics and marine installations.

GPS enabled automobile

The car innovation leaders a round the world are developing the GPS enabled or assisted driving systems for cars and trucks to improve driver and passengers safety and help avoid at least some of the high number of automotive accidents.

Low stress car

The GPS enabled automotive navigational systems are coming to rescue when driver is tired or distracted. The driver distraction warning is issued by the system. While such driver assist system cannot be considered a complete replacement of human control over driving safety and with attention to all road and driving situation detail. The GPS enabled driver assist system strives for driving safety in cases when the driver attention is lowered as  human under stress, sickness, other types of people's exhaustion or even is some cases under influence of drugs or alcohol, loose necessary levels of focus on the current driving situation.

The newer GPS assisted automotive driving support systems can assist the drivers caught in an extremes of metro traffic jams or during monotonously long drives. The GPS enabled driver assist systems working together with collection of pre-loaded topographic maps and other sources, providers and sensor arrays gathering vehicle information in real time. Such sources include vehicle auto pilot, a hands free sensor, multi-directional radar, video, infrared and night vision cameras, array of ultrasonic sensors, a GPS navigational command center with high sensitive quad helix GPS antennas (similar to latest Rino GPS devices), the laser scanning sub-system, audio sensors and computers controlling real time data flow and database stored topographic maps and historical data, as well as pre-defined driving pattern recognition and speed limits control information. 

The complete multi-facet driver assist system in some situations can act with full confidence. For example the driver assist system can help automate the parallel parking, locate, observe and maintain posted speed limits, while  keeping the vehicle in the right track in the highway lane. When approaching the construction zone or the road bend area, the automatic speed reduction request is issued (automatic slowing of the car) and, depending on the setting, can be forced, along with voice warning or wake up call, depending on driver's eye and head moving pattern. During night driving or driving in fog the pavement condition controlled emergency braking mode could be applied by the system when sensing a dangerous size  objects in front of the vehicle or on the driving path. Similarly the situation with an attempt to pass on the right is monitored with specific warning or disablement of the particular maneuver from the GPS navigational command center. The GPS enabled driving support system allows to lower levels of stress people feel when behind the wheel and help improve driving safety and prevent road accidents day or night.

safe smiling car

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