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Speed Limits to Increase in VA With the Help of “Tom Tom”

by atina 2010-03-19 17:55

The need for speed has allowed the state to change their speed limits in some of its rural stretches of highway. Currently most the highways speed limits are set at 65 miles per hour but soon, drivers will be allowed to drive up to 70 miles per hour or higher. Setting VA as the 34th state to raise their speed limits on rural highways.

Speed Limits to Increase in VA With the Help of “Tom Tom”

The notion to consider the increase brought upon a study conducted by GPS service “Tom Tom.”  The information gathered from TomTom GPS units was to be used to improve the quality of the GPS company’s route guidance software. From the collected data taken from volunteer drivers around the country, the study also showed that Virginia drivers clocked in at an average highway speed of 65 miles per hour. That changed on open stretches of road however, where drivers tend to go 70 miles per hour, regardless of what the speed limit is.  

Those in favor of the boost -which also includes both the General Assembly and the state Governor Bob McDonnell - say modern cars and trucks can function safely at speeds of 65 or and in some cases in higher.

Yet President of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety claims increasing speeds 

The President of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says higher speeds are bad on any road. Although supporters of the raise argue that statistics have shown that high way deaths and fatality rates have declined as speed limits have increased in some parts of the country.  


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