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Summer launch of the Furuno newest eRideOPUS 5 eCall Assisted-GPS Self-ephemeris enabled GPS receiver microchip

by Rus Abz 2011-06-30 11:56


We have touched the tiny factor super-compact design GPS microchip and GPS quad antenna, as well as GPS microchip standardization efforts, observing World's GPS Technology Leader trends and newest developments. For example in our earlier gps4us News article dedicated to Fastrax UC430 and Fastrax IT600 micro-miniature GPS receiver with GPS antenna solutions, supporting International Multi-Country GPS standards including USA GPSS, the Russian Glonass, the Japanese QZSS and SBAS in a miniature GPS receiver module combining both the GPS receiver and the highly sensitive GPS antenna. The hot Summer waive of the newest GPS micro-miniaturization trends addresses not only the international GPS standardization in a single chip but many other newest GPS concepts and standardization trends in GPS technology community worldwide. These trends include and are not limited to the GPS enabled "eCall" of European Commission, the "Assisted-GPS" and the "Self-ephemeris" GPS satellite predictive tracking.

International leaders of innovation in GPS technology are always looking for implementing many more new and exciting, extremely helpful and powerful, as well as asked for by GPS user audiences worldwide needs. The GPS community awaited support for GPS trends and projects such as the "eCall", the "Assisted-GPS", the "Self-ephemeris" is being answered as we speak. The aforementioned GPS technologies have been implemented in a single tiny factor GPS receiver micro-chip designed and manufactured by one of the world's GPS technology and electronic devices leaders FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. (Public, OSA:6814)

This Summer Furuno is launching into the production its new-generation of GPS receiver packed in a single configuration micro-chip named the "eRideOPUS 5". This high sensitivity GPS receiver chip takes less than 90 square millimeter footprint on the adopting GPS device circuit board. The eRideOPUS 5 takes only 1.8 Volt of Direct Current, and consumes much less power than earlier models of Furuno GPS receiver micro chips. The new GPS receiver is intended to be used either standalone, or with the another newcomer of the Furuno product line - the "GN-85" GPS receiver module. The newest Furuno GPS receiver micro-miniature product is becoming available this Summer. Furuno is also expecting to hit the GPS market with more than half of million eRideOPUS 5 enabled electronic and navigational products by the end of this year. 

Furuno eRideOPUS 5 chip eCall motorist assistance

The new Furuno GPS receiver eRideOPUS 5 microchip supports the "eCall" project which is utilizing the "eCall" enabled GPS devices which will help motorists involved in road accidents. In particular, the European Commission brings rapid assistance to help implement the "eCall" system. "eCall" system is supported by Furuno eRideOPUS 5 GPS receiver chip.

Moreover the eRideOPUS 5 supports another breakthrough technology trend called the "Assisted-GPS". Assisted-GPS is the technology that uses network resources to discover, pinpoint, tuneup to and use signals of GPS satellites faster as well as with more reliability in a lower signal reception realms found on the particular topographic map areas on the Earth, where the GPS navigational receiver happen to be located.

Another fascinating feature supported by Furuno's new eRideOPUS 5 microchip is the "Self-ephemeris" concept. The Self-ephemeris technology uses a sophisticated math algorithm which helps to estimate the current GPS satellite(s) orbital location information. Furthermore, the Self-ephemeris algorithm and software embedded into the GPS micro chip is capable of prediction of the GPS satellite trajectory of the satellite orbit. The next most expected orbital position information of a moving satellite can be calculated based on its previously received ephemeris multidimensional coordinates. This feature allows the Furuno GPS receiver to provide the GPS navigator with next satellite positioning which greatly improves the GPS device readiness in low signal places like mountain canyons, urban sky-scraper buildings metro areas and alike.

FURUNO Marine Command Center Chartplotter


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