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Tanita Body Composer bridges your Personal Trainer Wristwatch with Garmin Online Activities

by Rus Abz 2011-10-28 14:51

Health and Fitness GoalThe first of its kind three-tiered health and fitness levels tracking platform for monitoring and improving your health brings the most sophisticated health monitoring technology to health and fitness enthusiasts as a result of Tanita and Garmin (GRMN)  partnership. The three-tiered Health and Fitness Goals and key levels integration platform bridges your Personal Trainer Wristwatch with Real-Time Activities analysis and reporting toolset.

For anyone who wants to track their health and fitness levels new suite of technology offers the end-to-end integration between the personal wristwatch trainer or compact wearable device, the intermediate health information composer bridge and the back-end cloud computing activity monitoring service. The integrated platform for monitoring your health recently introduced by Garmin takes care of complete management cycle of your workout activities and health information. 

The light and conveniently wearable GPS enabled personal trainer devices, such as the Forerunner 70, Forerunner 610, Forerunner 210, Forerunner 310XT, FR60 or Edge 800 which gained high consumer popularity, from now on could send the whole range of health and fitness parameters to the new composing device, the Body Composition Monitor, via the wireless connection. Named Tanita this smart gadget collects and pre-processes nine key health indicators including weight, body fat percentage, body Water reading, muscle mass, physique rating, daily caloric intake, metabolic age, bone mass and visceral fat levels. Next step which is performed automatically is establishing secure wireless handshake with cloud computing real time online service. The secured and formatted health and fitness information arrives into the user activities personal online database. 

Tanita Bridge to garmin Health Data Composing managerAs an intermediate data processing, formatting and composing device allowing dynamic personal identification and data recording, for easy track your weight and other key body parameters over time using cloud services online tools, Tanita features no display. Health and fitness readings are automatically transmitted to the online services database. If necessary the readings could be also rendered at personal trainer's fitness wristwatch, paired laptop or tabletop display.  

The readings of weight, body fat and body water are received wirelessly from the scale and displayed on the wristwatch personal trainer screen or ANT+ compatible wearable device, and all nine key health indicator readings are stored in the device. This health information, once securely uploaded to your personal Garmin Connect online database, becomes available for analysis via the Activities Tool set. The tool helps to analyze and compare uploaded information to millions of activities worldwide. The tool-set keep all of your workout data stored in the secure cloud database for comprehensive workout data mining, evaluation and analysis. The dissected data is presented in clear and easy to understand graphical charts. The tool set includes a sophisticated analysis, reporting, goals-set and exploration tools to help user optimize training patterns.

Activity and event based reports track your fitness goals and progress displaying statistics on the specific activities such as road cycling or downhill skiing. Event Type reports conveniently group your races, training or recreation, categorizing by day, week, month and year events.

The integration of the wristwatch, the composer and the online cloud services tool-set is bidirectional. Once you analyze your health data statistics and check reports you can create your fitness goals and propagate them to your Forerunner or other wearable personal trainer. As you complete activities toward your goals hitting the road, they are tracked in your device and sent back via the Tanita composer to your personal online database for further evaluation and analysis. It opens new opportunities to track historical progress and gauge your progress against your active goals.


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