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The Vector newest cyclist innovation lets biker's left leg know when the right leg needs a quick rest

by Rusti 2011-08-31 14:35

gps4us News blue bike

I have got my blue bike from online couple months ago for $120 with free delivery. The gps4us News blue bike is very basic and does not have any special speed change or braking extras, just plain good heavy hard worker biking machine. It took two months of following the bike route and for the Pacific Breeze to make it rusty in the Marina Del Rey and Playa Del Rey ocean breeze atmosphere but rust would not prevent me and my blue bike to make ten to fifteen miles every day. While biking uphill past Marina Fisherman's Village I have noticed that my body came up with the power saving pattern which is three turns of the pedals and three breaths just going on inertia, then another three turns and three breaths and so on until i reach the top of the Playa Del Rey hill. My body has adopted this patterns as convenient without my brain really recognizing that the pattern has been crated and stored on the back of my mind. 

Suddenly  i have discovered that it is there when yesterday evening biking uphill i made four turns of the pedal and , while inhaling the fresh ocean wind three times my body have sent me that somewhat uncomfortable signal - "wrong number of rounds man and you are resting on the same leg twice!" So the brain has figured on the background that i have changed the comfort pattern o biking uphill method and rand me an alarm! When i have changed the biking push-rest pattern back to three turns of the pedals-three rest breaths, at the bike route sign. Well it was kind of funny that what i have thought and smiled. Little i knew there is the whole art and science behind the research of the workload patterns of the biker or cyclist right and left leg.

 Del Rey Bike Route

Del Rey biking route lighthouse

Innovation is all around us even inside the bike pedal. I was stunned to ran across the latest news from Garmin (GRMN) they are working full cycling speed with LOOK and Keo (marks are the property) of LOOK Cycle Internationalon for the cyclist  Vector innovation which is hidden inside the bike's pedal unit. The Vector innovation reports the biker's right and left leg power separately, and once Vector will be authorized as required by the Federal Communications Commission the pedal based power computing device. The Vector innovation is quite interesting as introduced on the YouTube. Vector Cycle power is measured where it matters. Sensor array, computer and rendering display (which could be any Garmin GPS navigator) are connected by cyclist wireless network. The new cyclist innovation device definitely does more than my brain was doing on the background talking to my right and left leg while biking uphill the other day. For me, owning the $120 bike it might be just a question of affordability as the Vector estimated Price is ten times higher than cost of my bike, so i would probably still use my brain and human senses to estimate my right and left leg pedaling power and rest cycles in the old fashioned way:)




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