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The death and rise of Soviet EKIP Super-UFO Vortex oscillating propulsion platform inspires newest super-jet aircraft designs

by Rus Abz 2011-08-18 14:16

Lev Shilkin's Super-UFO - Russian EKIP Lev N. Schulkin came up with the UFO like stealth aircraft named EKIP or “Ecology and Progress”. Back In 1990-s at Saratovskiy Aviation Manufacturing Plant Soviet aviation envisioner and scientist Lev Shulkin created the first prototype of his breathtaking EKIP UFO. The Saratov Aviatzionnyi Zavod. plant is in Saratov, Russia, a city with over 1M people located 850 kilometers from the former USSR capital. That is where S.P. Korolev established the first Cosmonaut Air Training Academy which gave birth to the whole generation of Soviet and Russian Cosmonauts.  Yuri Gagarin smile still shines around here. Gagarin space flight suit and training airplane are kept intact in the Saratov Space Exploration Museum.

The unique fabric of the space suit SK-1 for Yuri Gagarin 1961 flight was designed by talanted chemist Vitaliy Raevskiy who is an outstanding Soviet Era and later international scientist and author of the book “Ранняя история человечества” - Early history of humankind. The other key space engineering contractors associated with with EKIP super UFO were spread all over former USSR including the TsSKB Progress in Samara, the RSC Energia of S.P. Korolev in Moscow suburbs, Saint-Petersburg, Voronezh Radio-electronics, Saratov vortex oscillating propulsion systems research center and Perm's “Mountain Dwarf” underground railroad mobile rocket launch system.

Lev N. Schulkin's Russian super-UFO EKIP engines are capable to use hydrogen as fuel protecting the ecosystem it travels twice further than same caliber traditional airliners. EKIP hydrogen propulsion driven super-UFO is capable of carrying into the air 75 ton of cargo which is 7 times more than the super-airliner A3 Airbus can take on board. The Russian super UFO has the air-pillow type launching system which uses water or any other plain surface less than 500 meters in length to let the super UFO take off with total fully loaded weight of 85 ton. Therefore traditional airports are not necessary for this UFO shaped aircraft. It has been estimated at the time that the cost of cargo and passenger transportation would be 50% less than using Boeing's 747, not to mention the no cost of water surface to be used as natural launch platform for the EKIP "super-UFO". Soviet leaders gave green light and the super UFO design work has been continued at the testing base of the Nizhegorodskiy Alekseeyev Central Construction Bureau “NTSKB”.

Russian Super UFO EKIP in the Angar

In 1999 EKIP was considered top-priority and has been included as "Separate Line" in the Russian Global budget, but in reality the moneys were never delivered to support the EKIP project. The creator of Russian super UFO Lev Schulkin could not stand the death of his project, his heart of the creator could not stand the stress. His innovative ideas are alive and find their way into the latest and greatest avionic designs like the Boeing's 1000-passenger 797 super-jet. 

Russian EKIP Saratov project was at freeze and aviation leaders were looking for help elswhere and even abroad. United States scientific research communities were trying to establish a bridge. After visiting the Saratovskiy Aviation Facility the US delegation headed by, at the time, Dr. John W. Fischer, the Director of US NAVAIR Research and Engineering Sciences (Credit: K.B. Sherman). Under the supervision of  the US Congressman Curt Weldon, the delegation reported on 16 September 2003 about successful completion of the first rounds of "Saratov talks" with Saratovskiy Aviation Zavod and possibilities of further cooperation with Russians to continue the uplifted EKIP super-UFO project. The required injection of $40M would help to continue to wake the project up and push it to the next level. It seemed the almost dead EKIP project has been given a chance to get saved. The Russian super-UFO with its 75 ton of cargo capacity and virtually unlimited cargo volume area could have become the perfect candidate for the US Navy research along the lines of the next generation of unmanned surveillance Stealth Platforms.

Certain formerly classified EKIP history videos under the umbrella of “Ударная Сила Боевые НЛО 1/4 Udarnaya Sila” could be found on Youtube. Wikipedia sheds more light on the beginnings and history of Curt Weldon initiative with Russian Saratov Aerospace EKIP super-UFO, also known as just "Saratov product", manufactured at Saratov Aviation Zavod. 

In 2004 while visiting the United States,  Alexander Ermishin, the General Director of Saratovskiy Aviation Zavod put in place the Workers of the City of Saratov clause – the new generation of EKIP must not be moved completely away from Russian territory, but be manufactured simultaneously in Russia and in Nashville Tennessee. This requirement faded away the previous talks with Germany and China.  Alexander Ermishin's firm position in this fundamental question put the continuation of talks to freeze. Saratovskiy Aviation Zavod went bankrupt. 

Lev N. Schulkin's "Ecology and Progress" super-UFO inspired the continuation of several latest aerospace research efforts lead by the Naval Research laboratory, the  the Navy and Marine Corps, NASA,  ESA, the  Space Telescope Institute,  the Kibō Laboratory and other scientific research organizations. The EKIP super-UFO achievements are finding innovative ways to inspire the newest generation of   vortex oscillating propulsion systems and cargo platforms, such as NASA, Lockheed Martin, or Northrop Grummon's "Spirit”, or newest Boeing's 1000-passenger 797 super-jet aircraft.

EKIP LZ early prototype radio-controlled model

Above - year 1992 - the Soviet Classified ("Для Служебного Пользования") image of the EKIP early prototype radio-controlled model.

Below - year 1999 - EKIP Vortex oscillating propulsion platform proven to be capable of carrying the heaviest Laser Weapon along with its power source.



Russian EKIP super UFO vertex stealth platform

Russian Heavy Duty Laser Weapon

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