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Three Year Warranty Offered By Networkfleet

by diane 2010-05-03 14:29

The wireless fleet management system devices by Networkfleet, Inc. will now utilize the first no-cost three year warranty as a new standard in the industry.All Networkfleet GPS units activated after May 1, 2010 will automatically include a three year warranty at no additional charge
Most GPS fleet management providers offer a one year warranty and sell warranty packages to cover subsequent years. Networkfleet is taking a leadership position by being the first to offer a three year warranty at no cost to the fleet based on its experience as a provider of rugged, automotive-grade hardware.
The decision was based on the experience with more than 100,000 devices currently in the field. Networkfleet has continually taken steps over the 10 year history to produce the highest quality products that provide the most value to the customers for their investment.
In the first year of the three year warranty, fleets can either install a replacement unit themselves or choose on-site installation by a certified Networkfleet installer. In the second and third year, Networkfleet will ship a replacement unit for installation by the fleet. Since the Networkfleet device is simple to install, with no wire-splicing required, many fleets prefer to install the device themselves.
The Networkfleet 4200 and 3500 devices are designed by Networkfleet's experienced telematics engineering group and built in the U.S. Technical and application support is provided by the Networkfleet Customer Care department in San Diego, California.


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