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Tom Tom One 140 S Has Received A New Twin

by diane 2010-03-11 05:42

TomTom had come up with a new device that is extremely similar to the Tom Tom One 140 S.
TomTom's EasyPort mount and 3, 5 inch color touch screens are similar in both devices. The "inside" of the products however show their true differences.The Ease's power button has been moved to the back of the device rather than the common top edge position. Along the bottom edge there is a mini-USB port for charging and syncing the device. All map updates must be synced since the Ease doesn't feature an SD or microSD card slot. The "EasyPort" mount was anything but easy; to dashboard mount the device you must remove, rotate and replace the entire EasyPort assembly in order to angle the suction cup for connection to the included adhesive dashboard mount.
The biggest change to the TomTom Ease like I've said is beneath the surface; the Ease's home menu has been dramatically simplified versus the standard TomTom interface on the One and other devices. Previous TomTom products pit the user onto a home screen with six or more options to go to from there and menus become like a bad puzzle. The Ease features a home screen with two main options: Plan route and Browse map. The home screen also features a row of five smaller options for sound, day/night mode, help, options and done.
We like that the Ease packs features such as text-to-speech and TomTom's advanced routing technologies into a package that is both smaller and simpler than other TomTom GPS devices .

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