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Tune your Boat Nervous System with New Garmin Marine Network Configurator

by Rusti 2011-10-10 12:59


Marine Network Configurator for your yachtAmong others the Garmin (GRMN) Marine Network has demonstrated powerful capabilities as it allows to integrate dozens of marine navigational devices into a single nervous system. Designed with end to end systems integration in mind the Marine Network has grown from the proprietary to the open standard NMEA 2000 fully compatible backbone of the modern marine vessel. The Garmin’s newest generation of network includes capabilities focused on seamless integration of high-speed data system trunk with numerous GPS chartplotters, high-resolution multifunction displays the MFD-s, sonar, radar, communications, and weather data sources, as well as GPS navigational and onboard sensors. Depending on the type of the marine vessel the architecture and configuration of the marine network gathering vital navigational and boat control information and reliably delivering the data to the all inclusive multi function command center to timely and conveniently present critical information to the captain, could be increasingly complicated task. 

GPS chartplotter

Fortunately Garmin makes this task easier by offering the new online Marine Network Configurator Suite. This easy to use configuration tool covers the best practices of putting together the major layers of the marine network and command center architecture. The configurator offers pre-built solutions for most common vessel categories including Cruising Yacht, Recreational Sailing Yacht, Sport Fishing, and Sport Yacht. Within each category the configurator tool builds your solution based on optimum mix of the Garmin marine Network, NMEA 2000 network and direct connectivity option. It shows the recommended choice of open-array radar for your vessel, to ensure a better view of the open waters around. The tool automatically selects the most suitable powerful radar for the selected yacht category which offers high-definition digital technology for superior target detection and image resolution. The tool underlines the connectivity option for the device, the Garmin Marine network, and offers the connectivity hub type.  For the "Red" Garmin Marine Network, which is proprietary, the configurator tool recommends the Network Port Expander which allows you to connect multiple chartplotters and sensors. The configurator tool underlines the most commonly used Upper Helm, Main Helm layers and clearly segregates the underwater transducer devices layer from the main and upper helms. Within each layer of the marine architecture the configurator tool provides full line of navigational, display and control devices which better suite the marine command center functionality and has the proper type of connectivity to the particular network type or connect directly. 

For example the recommended Network Port Expander sitting as a data traffic hub on the Garmin proprietary segment of the marine network, aggregates data streams from the powerful digital sounder coupled with 1KW thru-hull Transducer feeding detailed sonar data to the hub. Thru the hub the data is directed to the Main helm and to the Upper Helm layers of the marine command center architecture. In the main helm the data is utilized by Garmin’s next-generation marine navigator, the touchscreen GPS chartplotter considered a flagship in line of full-featured MFD-s. Moreover, in the upper helm open-array radar feed and the data feed from the digital sounder are displayed at the 15+ inch large upper MFD display which also offers the preloaded BlueChart Marine maps of the U.S. coast at video-quality resolution. Finally, for the devices which connect via the NMEA 2000 standardized backbone, the configuration tool offers optimized selection of the rugged GPS NMEA 2000 compatible receiver antenna, which offers high sensitivity reception and pinpoint GPS accuracy to autopilots and multifunction displays. The "Blue" NMEA 2000 array of devices also includes the The Digital Marine Instrument display, the transceiver to receive positioning target data as well as transmit your own vessel information to other marine receivers, and, additionally, the Very High Frequency marine receiver for radio communication enhancing convenience and safety to mariners worldwide.

The New Marine Network Configurator Tool enlightens the best of the well established, reliable and waterproof Marine Network and enhanced Marine Command Center solutions seamlessly connecting multiple “plug-and-play” components. Wit the new tool it is easy to build your own network for your marine vessel to access GPS position reference, detailed 3D-view charts, radar, sonar, Satellite Weather and other selected inputs, to give you the right information for safe exploration of open waters.

Nmea Marine Command Center

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