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USGA turns to GPS to speed up play

by GPS4US 2014-06-05 14:49

An average round of golf takes 4.5 hours to play.

That’s a ton of walking. And, even if you love golf, 4.5 hours is a long time to do anything. So, the
United States Golf Association (USGA) is taking action with the help of GPS.

The USGA, which holds the U.S. Open every year, launched the About our GAME project in May, equipping
golfers across the country with GPS units while they visit 3-4 golf courses per week.

At the end, the USGA expects to gather data from more than 200 courses and 20,000 total rounds of golf,
according to the LA times.  The project is conducted by eight research assistants and is on a voluntary
basis only.

The end result,  the USGA hopes, is to find solutions to speeding up the game.

We need to collect data and research before we can develop solutions and implement tools that
facilities can use to improve pace and play,” Hunki Yun, the USGA’s director of strategic projects,
told the LA Times. 

Now, if you end up using the GPS units on your next outing, don’t forget that it can’t replace your

Garmin Approach , which will speed up your game by helping you figure out the best shot for your

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