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Using GPS to lower your fleet costs

by GPS4US 2013-06-20 16:59
A blog entry on caught our attention today.

Why? Well, the writer listed five ways GPS tracking can save businesses money. Of course, any company with a large commercial fleet can capitalize on GPS units to cut costs and ensure safer driving habits.

Route guidance. By using GPS to get traffic updates in real time, drivers can avoid those pesky bottlenecks that may cause late deliveries. Further, using the most direct route can help your company save on fuel.

Idle reporting. GPS units can track your driver’s overall idling time due to traffic, lights or breaks. The EPA estimates that idling can drain anywhere from a quarter to a half gallon of gas each hour.

Driver supervision. Before GPS tracking, you could never be sure exactly what your drivers were up to in the field. But now, technology allows you to ensure they’re taking the best routes and keeping up with their deliveries.

Speeding alerts. Speeding tickets are a complete drain on your resources. But you can program many GPS units to alert you when your driver is 5-10 miles over the speed limit.

Accident and theft reporting: Your GPS tracking unit can record important information that may prove your driver wasn’t at fault in an accident. For thefts, your GPS unit can pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle during the heist.

Further, your GPS tracking units can save you up to 35 percent on your insurance premiums.

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