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World's deepest diving glass dome mini submarine

by GPS4US 2011-12-19 13:37

Submarine Innovation navigation systemNew Triton full ocean depth submersible vessel features revolutionary new glass production technology that allows it to become the deepest diving multi-passenger autonomous submersible in the world. It provides its pilot and two passengers a truly immersive experience. This new deep-diving submersible sets the new standards of innovation around a concept of giving its passengers a full 360 degree view of oceanic surroundings. This Full Ocean Depth Submarine has a revolutionary design and stunning new styling integrating most advanced technologies truly unique among manned submersibles. The borosilicate glass dome of the Triton 36,000 is able to withstand great pressures taking a crew of three to 3300 feet or 1000 meters. 

Integration and extensibility of instrumentation and equipment easily converts the base vessel into a marine science research vehicle, treasure hunting platform or undersea videography studio. The versatile and highly adaptable submarine comes very well equipped with high precision auto pilot and easy to use touch screen multi function displays. Underwater instrumentation and navigation systems are using real time information collected from extended array of sensors and communication systems, the vehicle is always ready for flawless and safe operation. 

submarine innovation - TritonOne of the innovative features the submarine is relying upon is an innovative marine navigation system integrated with the Ultra Short Base Line tracking system. It uses a two-way acoustic modems for underwater communication to calculate the relative position of a surface vessel mounted transceiver to an underwater vehicle mounted beacon. The surface vessel transceiver sends a command to a sub sea beacon triggering a transmission response. When the surface vessel transceiver receives a response from the sub sea beacon, it decodes the content of the signal. It measures  phase shift and signal delay to calculate the sub sea beacon's coordinates, range and bearing, relative to the surface vessel transceiver.

The sophisticated tracking system also calculates the relative position of a sub sea object to the surface vessel transceiver by interfacing acoustic range and bearing data to attitude, motion, heading sensors and to marine command center GPS system. The navigational information is updated in real time by the surface marine vessel GPS enabled navigation system and is readily available via chartplotters and multi function displays. To ensure high reliability of the underwater navigation the submersible vessel integrates the enhanced Doppler Velocity Log instrumentation device. It provides vital navigation information  including vertical and horizontal velocity, heading, depth, altitude and current temperature measurements. It ensures accurate positioning of the submersible vehicle is known by the pilot at all times. 

The Doppler Velocity Log provides tracking system with reliable data in optimized range capable to measure speed relative to the ocean bottom when the submersible vehicle is in water depth within the 300 meters off the bottom. While on the surface additional information is provided by the integrated GPS sensor. Once the submarine vehicle dives and the radio frequency link to the GPS satellite constellation is lost, the system automatically switches to accepting velocity, speed and direction inputs from the Doppler Velocity Log. In this way, the pilot always has a plot of the exact position of the submersible vehicle on a grid with the real time latitude, longitude, depth, heading and altitude readings.

Deepest diving autonomous submarine

The oceans cover two thirds of the planet Earth and 95 percent of the ocean floor has not been explored. This autonomous submarine opens new possibilities for scientists and marine enthusiasts to learn more about sources of energy and hidden food supply opportunities of the ocean, dive just beneath the surface and discover answers to many questions our planet ecology waits to be answered.

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