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iPhone "The Fifth" promises better GPS functionality

by Russel 2011-10-04 15:22

Apple iPhone 4SThe awaited new iPhone personal communicator as a hardware and software platform symbiosis is expected to come loaded with the newly updated iOS5 operating application software. iPhone "the fifth" promises to be thinner, faster, and enjoy a larger easy to read and tap screen. The new large screen will provide new means for easier access to Facebook and Twitter. The robust user interface will extend new features such as an improved instant notification functions. Since Google introduced its breakthrough Android mobile platform three years ago the Android OS and applications success supported by Android phones suite of manufacturers including world leaders such as Samsung Electronics, lead to Android phones domination of the U.S. smartphone and personal assistant market.

According to Apple its iOS based mobile platform and applications control 5 percent of the global smartphone market, enforcing Apple's position among world's leading consumer electronics companies. The high-profile Apple launch of the new iOS5 driven iPhone event takes place this year at Apple Central and is closely watched by the Wall Street and mobile communication industry leaders. Since 2007 the non-stop evolution of the user friendly iPhone generations echoed in more than 40 percent of company accounts total sales. The convenient application side of user interface fully utilizing large screen, thin sleek yet reliable design of the iPhone personal assistant platform turns CTO heads of more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies to to turn to iPhone. Corporate IT business account managers and chief technologists step into serious testing of using the iPhone and iPad tablets as most challenging candidates to potentially replace the existing park of corporate handheld communicators so far been largely dominated by by Research in Motion. 

GPS Geocaching is Fun !

The latest iPhone mobile platform introduces the next generation of personal communicator  equipped with an A5 Processor, eight Megapixel camera, and more definitive personal assistant GPS features. However, the newest iPhone left Wall Street and mobile gadget fans wishing for more than a polished version of the device debuted a year ago. Lack of widely expected "magic" and astonishing new and superb features, seem to ignite waves of criticism and somewhat disappointed the community of personal communicator and personal assistant enthusiasts.

While latest and greatest, the next generation of dedicated GPS navigators, available from industry leaders, are adopting bigger screens, multi megapixel cameras, sensitive barometer altimeters, heart beat monitors, connectivity to bike sensor arrays. like Garmin (GRMN) Vector. The new generation of nuvi GPS navigators offer larger memory, voice synthesis and voice recognition capabilities. At the same time new smartphones are quickly adopting the better GPS functionality, real-time navigation on the iPhone, and other GPS driven capabilities such as a built-in high precision GPS compass. The number of GPS applications for Android and iPhone are gaining popularity some of them are reusing the experience gathered by dedicated GPS navigational bestseller devices and are offered as online services or smartphone applications like Garmin StreetPilot Onboard and onDemand, OpenCaching for geocaching enthusiasts, the Tracker, the myMechanic and GPS weather applications.


GPS applications for iPhone

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