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Garmin Marine Maps and Charts

BlueChart g2, g3 Vision

BlueChart g2, g3 Vision  [+]
Highly detailed offshore marine maps, plus satellite imagery, enhanced 3-D maps, Auto Guidance technology, aerial photographs and coastal roads with points of interest.

BlueChart g2, g3

BlueChart g2, g3  [+]
Detailed offshore marine maps to help you navigate — plus enhanced 3-D maps and rich detail and content.

Inland Lakes

Inland Lakes  [+]
Comprehensive coverage of thousands of freshwater lakes throughout the continental U.S. and parts of Canada.

LakeVu HD Ultra

LakeVu HD Ultra
Get everything available with LakeVü HD maps plus Auto Guidance, Depth Range Shading, Dynamic Lake Level adjustments, satellite imagery and 3-D perspectives above and below the waterline

LakeVu HD

LakeVu HD
Displays points of interests, including docks, designated fishing areas, campgrounds, boat ramps, marinas and bridges. Shows interstates, highways and general roads. Shows underwater features, such as riverbeds, bridges, roads, fish attractors and potential hazards. Offers Safety Shading, which lets you input and shade a minimum depth to help you avoid running aground. Many lakes with many with 1' contours throughout