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Jack M. 3 April 2023
Easy to install a perfect replacement or my old one.

Suzanne S. 15 January 2023
I love It but i had received blue and red collar, not a yellow.

ryan D. 24 December 2022
Great customer service. Fast response time to questions. I definitely recommend this company

Geoffrey D. W. 5 November 2022
Very nice. Looks like a flashlight, so people don''t even notice it when I wear it on my belt. I don''t use the provided holster. Makes a loud crackling sound which frightens people and animals, and I''m sure would incapacitate any aggressor.

Carmelo M. 8 October 2022
Perfect service and shipping

Gerald M. 24 September 2022
Seems well made, arrived on time.

caroline M. 18 September 2022

Roger D. 5 September 2022
So far, pleased with this purchase from GPS4US. Time will tell if it false-alarms, which is common with similar devices. It has been installed for just one week (in the main cabin on a 38'' sailboat), so cannot tell if it will false-alarm. I like the small size, the battery power, and ease of installation.

Fred T. 13 August 2022
I have a Garmin Swim 2 watch. The built in Heart Rate Monitor didn''t seem accurate, so I bought this HRM to wear under my wet suit during open water swims. MUCH better. The pairing go the watch was easy and the readings make a lot more sense.

Nadine B. 2 July 2022
Works exactly like hoped it would, now that I have used one I will be using more of them for jobs I do. Thanks

PIETRO B. 26 June 2022
Le gps parfait

miguel M. 19 June 2022
Most excellent... Just what I expected... 5*****

Michael A. 19 June 2022
Worth its weight in gold

Michelene B. 19 June 2022
Good system

Leroy C. 12 June 2022
Great product

Carmelo M. 4 June 2022
Very well constructed.

Brad B. 21 May 2022
Awesome! Caught more fish with it!

Sam R. 13 March 2022
Like the design and features

Anne S. 19 February 2022
Love it, excellent sound station, just what I was looking for and this company is great. Highly recommend!

john B. 13 February 2022
This is a must for anyone with a dog or dogs who spends time out in the woods. The concept is great but in typical Garmin fashion their execution is mediocre. Garmin, all Garmin products are clunky and dated but they have the market on GPS units so until another company appears that is able to challenge them this is what we have to live with. The touch screen is good, not great and I am frustrated by the way buttons can be pressed inadvertently while holding it or on the belt clip. I have had trouble with deleted dogs when I did not intend to. Easy enough to repair the collar but a pain in the field and it has happened three times in three days. Awesome to be able to see your dog on the GPS and be able to tone/shock/vibrate from a great distance. Despite the flaws and shortcomings I do love it and getting more collars for the rest of the dogs.

        21 - 40 of 2503