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Brad B. 21 May 2022
Awesome! Caught more fish with it!

Sam R. 13 March 2022
Like the design and features

Anne S. 19 February 2022
Love it, excellent sound station, just what I was looking for and this company is great. Highly recommend!

john B. 13 February 2022
This is a must for anyone with a dog or dogs who spends time out in the woods. The concept is great but in typical Garmin fashion their execution is mediocre. Garmin, all Garmin products are clunky and dated but they have the market on GPS units so until another company appears that is able to challenge them this is what we have to live with. The touch screen is good, not great and I am frustrated by the way buttons can be pressed inadvertently while holding it or on the belt clip. I have had trouble with deleted dogs when I did not intend to. Easy enough to repair the collar but a pain in the field and it has happened three times in three days. Awesome to be able to see your dog on the GPS and be able to tone/shock/vibrate from a great distance. Despite the flaws and shortcomings I do love it and getting more collars for the rest of the dogs.

Bryan A. 12 February 2022
Very pleased with my purchase. Customer Service was great and received my order within 3-5 days after placing the order. Would definitely recommend this company.

Carl L. 9 February 2022
good product I recommend it. we use it for hike on trail on mapping fire line

Donald W. 30 January 2022
This product was backordered from the manufacturer but GPS4US got it DR0P-shipped at the earliest possible date. Installing the fluxgate compass was somewhat challenging but completely solved the problem with my ComNav 1420 autopilot. Although the unit is sealed, it cannot withstand a complete submersion. Installation location must be carefully considered to avoid the possibility of even a brief submersion.

edward C. 30 January 2022

Karen D. 24 January 2022
This is my second one. I love it and plan to keep one.

STEPHEN G. 9 January 2022
Excellent gps with long life Battery. This being my second 680t in my possession I use it as a back up. when on the trail.

Giuseppe L. 25 December 2021
It is grate it''s works fine and it''s well made. I love it, keep the boat warmer. And I will buy again

Alexis F. 3 December 2021
Excellent as described delivered on time

Tom M. 27 November 2021
Searched every single sporting store within 200 miles for just ONE of these TT15s and no one had any. Called GPS4US and they had all 5 collars in different colors. I couldn''t believe it! Thanks GPS4US

Clint K. 26 November 2021
Assembly was easy and my Helix7 fit perfectly. The soft sided case fits snug over the frame and is much easier to install without the H7 unit installed.

Larry G. 25 November 2021
Worked as advertised

Chiara T. 11 November 2021
Great service, thank you!

Neal J. 10 November 2021
Just received them from my courier company yesterday. I was very impressed by the quality and condition they are in very impressive

Tim F. 24 October 2021
Perfect replacement! Our old power head started getting temperamental with turning on. This solved the problem.

Noe G. 26 September 2021
The buttons are sanwa so you can''t really get much better and though the stick may be a bit short it''s been very responsive and smooth. Upgrading from the discontinued Q4 to this has been great so far. The easy access to wires and such makes this easy to mod too. My only complaint is that the start button is so small in comparison to other sticks that have a dedicated start button the size of other face buttons.

Tony C. 26 September 2021
Haven''t been on the water yet but rod holder seems to work well a d be very user friendly

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