B&G Triton System Pilot Controller

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Contents of the package

    Triton T41 display
    NMEA 2000 drop cable


    Triton Pilot Controller
Pushbutton Control for Triton Autopilot Systems

Provides Intelligent Sail Steering, manual and auto steering functions, Smart Manoeuvre and chartplotter integration all combined with intuitive menus for ultimate control.

    Easy to Use
    Simple menus are navigated easily with On, Off Change Mode and Adjust Course buttons
    Chartplotter Integration
    Navigate to a set waypoint, or follow a route by linking your Triton Pilot to your chartplotter
    Intelligent Sail Steering
    Steer to compass, true wind angle or apparent wind angle for optimum sailing performance.
    Tack at the touch of a button to make life easier when you're short-handed.
    Integrate with sensors including rate-gyro corrected compasses and rudder feedback units to ensure optimum performance.
    Grand Prix derived sensor technology provides the most accurate information available


Item number: 000-10611-001
UPC: 9420024114766
Package weight: 0.9 lb

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