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Zeus Touch 8 MFD

The ultimate in easy to use sailing navigation systems and the industry's only sailing specific, touchscreen chartplotter.

An 8-inch touch screen offers outstanding sail specific navigation features with an intuitive touch-led interface. The SailSteer sail navigation screen shows Heading and COG, Current Layline, Calculated Tide, True Wind Angle indicator, Rudder Angle Indicator and Opposite Tack Layline to name but a few features.

Enhanced SailTime calculations, removes reliance on ETA and provides a maximised view of tacking angles on the chart, even without an active waypoint. Zeus Touch offers easy to use system integration.

    Touch to mark waypoints and easily build routes
    Tap, touch, drag, drop and swipe functionality for fingertip control
    Easy selection of Chart, Radar, Pilot, SailSteer and WindPlot screens

Rotary Controller
    Straightforward menu control, with push-to-enter function
    Intuitive use for zooming, radar gain and more

Minimalist keypad
Combined with the rotary controller, this enables full control of all features without having to touch the screen - ideal for situations outside of the harbor

The SailSteer screen combines key sailing data such as Heading, Wind, Laylines and Tide into one clear, easy to read display. Advanced features include Wind Angle Target indicator and Wind Shift Sectors.

Enhanced Sail Navigation
The most important sailing data is overlaid onto the chart screen, enabling an assessment of the realistic route to be sailed.Navigation data is calculated via laylines, rather than a simple straight-line waypoint to waypoint route, which is rarely followed by sailors.

    8-inch display
    Easy to use touchscreen interface
    Bright LED backlit display
    GoFree wireless compatible
    WindPlot, for tracking weather trends
    GRIB weather overlay & Sirius weather (U.S.)
    Premium regional cartography
    Broadband Radar compatible
    Composite video input
    Internal GPS
    Optically Bonded LCD
    SailTime calculations
    Touch Sensible™ technology
    Ultimate integration
    Easy to use
    B&G Precision


Basemap               Yes
Card Format           Micro SD
Cartography Brand Navionics
Cartography           Type Platinum/Gold/Hotmaps
Resolution (VxH)     800 x 600
Screen Size            8"
Touchscreen          Yes
Box Dimensions      9"H x 11"W x 15"L  

Item number: 000-10887-001
UPC: 9420024120583
Package weight: 14.5 lb