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Contents of the package

    NAVpilot 720 Control Head
    Proccessor Unit
    Rotary Rudder Reference
    PG700 Heading Sensor
    Installation hardware
    Owner's manual



Navpilot 720 Inboard Autopilot System, MFG NAVPILOT 720, 3.9inch monochrome display, handheld control head, 12/24 VDC, rotary control knob. System includes control head, processor, rotary feedback, and rate compass. Hydraulic pumpset sold separately.

NAVpilot 720

Kick back, relax and let NAVpilot steer you to your destination!
FURUNO's NAVpilot is a revolutionary autopilot with a sunlight viewable display designed for a variety of vessels. It utilizes a self-learning and adaptive software algorithm, and plays the ultimate role in course-keeping capability. NAVpilot dynamically adjusts essential parameters during navigation, such as vessel speed, trim, draught, tide and wind effects, dead band, weather and more. These parameters are stored in the system memory and continuously optimized.

Self-learning and adaptive software

From the first dock-side setup through the last voyage you made, NAVpilot continues to learn your vessel's steering characteristics. This allows dynamic adjustments to the boat's steering for vessel speed, trim, draft, tide and wind effects. These characteristics are stored in the processor's memory where they are continuously optimized to make the NAVpilot more versatile.

SAFE HELM and POWER ASSIST features provide Efficient and Effective Helm Steering Control

The optional SAFE HELM and POWER ASSIST features provide a unique interface to the vessel's hydraulic hand steering system, providing unrivaled comfort and control of steering directly from any manual helm on the vessel. These two modes greatly reduce steering effort and enhance the safety of your autopilot.

The POWER ASSIST mode incorporates the SAFE HELM concept and provides speed-based, power assisted steering, which greatly reduces manual helm effort in maneuvering situations. POWER ASSIST is a unique helm-activated assisted steering feature that can augment or replace separate electric and power-robbing, engine-driven power steering systems on many vessels. POWER ASSIST reduces steering system complexity and costs while increasing economy.

SAFE HELM and POWER ASSIST modes will require the optional FPS8 Power Steering Module and an appropriate HRP Pumpset, along with a system software update.

FishHunter mode

FishHunter mode is a unique feature of FURUNO's NAVpilot series. Find a fish target with your FURUNO sonar/sounder or bird target with your FURUNO radar and feed it to the NAVpilot. The NAVpilot will activate the FishHunter mode to perform square, zigzag, circle, orbit, spiral or figure-eight maneuvers around the specified target at a user selected distance. This feature can also be used for Man Overboard (MOB).

Furuno's new NAVpilot series is designed to match the NavNet 3D, FI-50 Instrument series and other navigation equipment. The "Plug and Play" CAN bus interface allows for easy installation and exceptional interface ability.

Revolutionary SAFE HELM and POWER ASSIST option brings unrivaled steering comfort and control at the helm
Selectable "Economy" and "Precision" Navigation Modes combine adaptive technology providing fuel and power savings of up to 2.5% or more.
"Precision" XTE accuracy: within 0.003 nm
Dual NMEA2000 network interface and Furuno CAN bus interface provides isolation and redundancy for safety
Simplified activation set-up by on-screen wizard
Perfect for inboard or outboard power boats and sail boats
Simple one-touch mode selection enables flexible steering and course control
Perfect cosmetic match with NavNet 3D, FI50 instrument series, GP33 GPS Navigator and RD33 Data Display
Mix and match up to 6 displays in a single network


Vessel Application    Sail or power
Steering Type          Hydraulic or solenoid
Control Type           Rotary knob and pushbuttons
Processor               FAP7002: 12 or 24 VDC, 50 Amp max.
Rudder Feedback    FAP6112 rotary
Compass                PG700 Fluxgate w/ rate gyro
Drive Unit               Sold separately
Remote Options       Up to 6 FAP700/711/720 control heads and/or remotes
Interface                 2 ea. NMEA 0183 in/out, NMEA 2000
Warranty                Two Year

Item number: NAVPILOT 720
UPC: 611679326959
Package weight: 23.45 lb

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