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FURUNO NavNet TZtouch Black Box Package w/Furuno 19inch LCD Multi-Touch Display,Gyration Air Mouse GO Plus w/Keyboard

Item: TZTBB19F
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Contents of the Package

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Compatible with your choice of Multi Touch Display: Be more hands-on with our easy-to-understand touch screen interface
Marine Weather Forecaster delivers unlimited access to completely free weather forecasts, worldwide, 24/7
Tablet & Smartphone Apps: Custom apps allow you to wirelessly view and control TZtouch from any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch (Other mobile platforms to be supported in the future.)
WiFi Hotspot Connectivity: TZtouch has WiFi connectivity, enabling the ability to download useful updates, such as real-time weather data, via the Internet
Add Radar, Network Fish Finder, AIS, and a variety of other sensors
Built on an Ethernet network
NMEA2000 network interface
Network up to 6 TZtouch displays or black box systems
Preloaded with FREE official NOAA raster and vector charts
Optional "C-Map by Jeppesen" and "Datacore by Navionics" vector cartography available for purchase
Dual SD Card slots
FREE high resolution satellite photos of US available for download
Save up to 30,000 user points, 30,000 ships track points and 1,000 planned routes with up to 500 waypoints per route

Input Power Requirements:
12 or 24 VDC

19" Multi-Purpose Multi-Touch LCD Display

The FURUNO MU190T is a multi-purpose, multi-touch marine LCD that features the unmatched quality and reliability that you have learned to depend on. The MU190T utilizes Projected Capacitive Technology (called PCTouch) to provide the ultimate in responsive sensitivity for the NavNet TZtouch black box system. The MU190T employs an extremely bright (1,000 cd/m2 ) color TFT Active-Matrix LCD with LED Backlight Technology. With its bright colors, excellent contrast and wide viewing angles, the MU170T monitor is perfect for any tropical sunlight or low light conditions. Furthermore, the LCD and glass are bonded together to ensure fog free operation on open fly-bridge installations.

The MU190T features native SXGA (1280 x 1024) screen resolution, and can auto-detect a wide variety of common screen resolutions with its built-in scaler. Its wide range of interface options include 2 RGB analog, 2 DVI (Digital Video Interface) and 3 composite video inputs. The display is the perfect match for the NavNet TZtouch series, but can also display images from security cameras, DVD player, computers, HDTV Receivers or other peripheral devices.

The MU190T display offers the ultimate in performance, convenience, state of the art design and enduring quality for system integrators and boat builders, particularly where reliability and long life time are key pre-requisites. The product range combines stunning design and technology with innovative features and options, making it all that the integrator needs for top class, type-approved marine systems.

LED Backlight Technology, TFT Active-matrix
Projected Capacitive (PCtouch) Multi Touch
19.0 inch Display
1280 x 1024 (SXGA) - 0.264 (H) x 0.264 (V) mm
Aspect Ratio and Response Time: 5:4 - 5ms (typ)
High Brightness 1000 cd/m} (typ) - 1000:1 (typ)
View Angle and Max Colors: 89 deg. (up/down/left/right) - 16.7 million
Synchronization Signal Auto-detect: Digital Separate Sync., Composite Sync., Sync. On Green
Optimal Resolution and Hz: 1280 x 1024 @ 60 Hz
Detectable Resolutions: 640 x 350, 640 x 480, 720 x 400, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024
Video Inputs: 2X DVI, 2X RGB, 3X Composite Video
Supported Video Signals: Interlaced HDTV, NTSC, PAL and SECAM video, Composite Video
Dimmable 0-100%, Multi-power AC & DC, PBP (Picture By Picture)
PIP (Picture In Picture)
Operating Temperature -15.0 deg C / 5.0 deg F to 55.0 deg C / 131.0 deg F, Humidity up to 95%
IP Rating: Protection: IP66 front - IP22 rear (EN60529)
Compass Safe Distance: Standard: 125.00 [49.21''] - Steering: 75.00 [29.53''] cm [inch]
Weight: 18 lbs

Power Use:

Multi-power 115/230VAC - 50/60Hz + 24VDC
60W (max)
Note: You may connect either AC power or DC power or both. In case both sources are connected, power will be sourced from the AC input. If AC input is lost, there will be an uninterrupted switch-over to DC input.

Air Mouse GO Plus Combo with Compact Keyboard

Get the best in computer control with the award-winning Air Mouse GO Plus with Compact Keyboard. Control your PC or Mac using GO Plus as your desktop laser mouse and keyboard combo, or in the air with Gyration's patented in-air motion-sensing technology. Deliver presentations, lectures and Internet browsing sessions from up to 100 feet away with just the wave of your hand.

Air Mouse GO Plus works both on the desktop and in the air
Supporting MotionTools software recognizes your gestures and uses your hand movements to control applications and activate tools for interacting with your content and energize presentations
MotionTools allows you to customize your Air Mouse experience - use MotionTools to program simple gestures for activating commands, launching applications and much more
Simple, intuitive interface to take complete control of your content and applications from the comfort of your desk or across the room
Long range RF technology that works at a range of up to 100 feet, without line-of-sight limitations
Elegant, ambidextrous design with 3 programmable buttons for customized control of application commands
86 key Compact Keyboard adds effortless wireless text entry
Motion sensing technology
100 foot wireless range
Optical desk mouse
Compact 2.4 GHz USB receiver
Mac/Windows compatible
Replaceable, rechargeable battery
Configurable buttons
Gesture control
Compact keyboard


Card Format        SD
Resolution (VxH)  1280 x 1024
Screen                Size 19"
Screen Type        Color
Touchscreen         Yes

Item number: TZTBB19F
UPC: 611679341457
Package weight: 55.4 lb

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