SIMRAD 4G Broadband Radar Kit for NSx Series

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Contents of the package

    20M Interconnect cable with RJ45 plug
    RI-10 Interface box
    6' Display connection cable
    Installation hardware
    Owner's manual


4G Broadband Radar for NSE, NSO, and NSS Systems
Crystal Clear Images of Your Immediate Surroundings

Simrad's Broadband Radar provides amazing target resolution, even at an unprecedented 1/32 nm range. Docks, channel
markers, moored vessels and other critical targets are displayed with clarity and separation, for added confidence
in close quarters. Broadband technology also eliminates the "main bang" of a pulse radar ? the obscured "dead zone"
immediately around the vessel ? which interferes with close target detection.
New Beam Sharpening Technology

For optimal target separation, Broadband 4G Radar is the world?s first dome radar to use Beam Sharpening, which
significantly improves azimuth resolution ? the effective horizontal beam width of the radar signal. The result is a
resolution that is equivalent to a 3.5-foot, open-array radar. When combined with a Simrad NSE or NSO multifunction
display, the system?s user-defined, target-separation control allows users to adjust the level of separation to meet
specific navigational needs.
Lowest RF Transmission for Safe, Flexible Installation

Because Simrad's Broadband Radar transmits at 1/20,000 the power of typical pulse radars (emitting 10 times less
energy than an average cell phone), the radome is safe to mount in locations never before possible. In addition, the
lowest DC power draw of any X-band marine radar makes this system ideally suited for sailboats and other vessels
with limited power.
High Speed Rotation and Dual Range Capability

When used with a Simrad NSE or NSO multifunction display, you can select from antenna rotation rates of 24, 36, or
an amazing 48 RPM. You'll also have the capability of dual range operation.
Navigation in an Instant

No more waiting 2-3 minutes for a magnetron to warm up - 100% solid-state design provides Instant On capability.
When darkness falls or the fog rolls in, you will always be ready. Ideal for sailboats wishing to save power, or
boats at anchor not wishing to save power, or boats at anchor not wishing to run the radar continuously.


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Input Voltage         12-24 VDC
Antenna                 19" radome
Power                    165mW FMCW, 36 nm.
Beamwidth             5.2 horizontal, adjustable to 2.6 (NSO & NSE)
Interface                 Ethernet; NMEA 2000 for compass input
Other Functions    FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) transmission technology allows for low power output
                               with enhanced short range capabilities. 24/36/48 RPM rotation rate.
Dimensions           19.3"D x 11"H; .
Warranty                Two years

Item number: 000-10421-001
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