HUMMINBIRD PTC U NB Portable Soft Sided Case

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Contents of the package

Box Dimensions
5"H x 12"W x 13"L 


Soft sided portable case. Does not include battery or charger.

For Humminbird Models:

100 Series: 141c, 161300 Series: 323, 363 Combo, 383c Combo500 Series: 525, 535, 565, 575, 580 Combo, 585c, 586c, 587ci Combo, 596c , 597ci Combo700 Series: 717, 717 CHO, 727, 727 CHO, 737, 747c, 747c CHO, 755c Chartplotter, 757c Combo, 757c Combo CHO, 767 Combo CHO, 777c2, 777c2 CHO, 785c2i Chartplotter NVB, 785c2 Chartplotter, 785c2i Chartplotter NVB , 787c2 Combo, 787c2 Combo CHO, 787c2 Combo w/o GPS, 787c2i Combo NVB, 787c2i Combo, 797c2 SI Combo, 797c2 SI Combo CHO, 797c2 SI Combo NVB, 797c2i SI Combo NVB900 Series: 957c Combo NVB CHOMatrix Series: Matrix 47 3D


Item number: 406900-1NB
UPC: 082324507830
Package weight: 4.4 lb

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