RAYMARINE 33STV Sat TV, 13 inch Dish, for N. America

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Contents of the package

    33STV HD Satellite Dome
    HD Antenna control unit
    RG-6 interconnect cable (15m for dome to ACU)
    RG-6 Interconnect cable (3m for ACU to receiver)
    Power cable (10m)
    PC programming and diagnostics cable
    Installation hardware
    CD-ROM with owner's manual and programming software


33STV 13" Satellite TV System
For Power and Sail Boats as Small as 20 Feet

The new 33STV from Raymarine makes the dream of underway satellite TV reception available to small boats everywhere. A high performance 13 in. satellite dish is contained in a compact and stylish radome measures only 14" in diameter and 15" tall. The antenna weighs less than 10 pounds making it suitable for both powerboats and sail boats as small as 20 feet in length. 33STV is High Definition (HD) compatible and comes standard with our new Multi-satellite Interface Module (MIM.) The MIM conveniently switches your antenna system across 3 broadcast satellites automatically, providing uninterrupted channel surfing just like a home satellite TV system. The 33STV's included antenna control unit can connect with up to 6 on board satellite receivers using USB connections. The 33STV also features a convenient NMEA0183 GPS interface, which further enhances the speed and performance of the system.

Dynamic Beam Tilting Technology.DBT delivers unmatched dynamic tracking in extreme weather conditions by continuously measuring the boat's heading, pitch and roll.
Conical Scanning Technology.Utilizing a unique rotating sub reflector design, Raymarine antennas maintain optimal satellite lock underway while minimizing physical movement of the dish. This translates into quieter operation and longer antenna life.
,b>Wide Range Search (WRS) Algorithm.WRS enables Raymarine antenna
systems to quickly and automatically locate and acquire satellites. This means less waiting and less chance of missing the start of your favorite game or program.
High Speed Antenna Drive Systems.Raymarine antennas keep your satellites locked in during fast maneuvering or heavy seas for uninterrupted reception.
Superior Antenna Elevation Range.Raymarine antennas can maintain their satellite lock farther into extreme North and South latitudes.
Dual LNB Design.Connect multiple satellite receivers to your antenna system and watch different programming on multiple televisions throughout the vessel.
High Definition (HD) Compatible.Enjoy the digital brilliance of High Definition Programming while underway. Standard Definition models are also available.
Industry Leading 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty.Enjoy worry-free
entertainment anywhere you travel. Raymarine's worldwide network of dealers
and service agents stand ready to help should you need assistance.


nput Voltage           12 or 24 VDC
Antenna                 13" round
Tracking                Yes, offshore
HDTV Compatible    DISH, Bell TV, limited DirecTV
Other Functions      None
Dimensions            Dome: 15"H x 14.6"D;  ACU: 7"W x 2.1"H x 8.5"D
Service Period        DirecTV, DISH, Bell TV (receiver and subscription sold separately)
Warranty               Two years, with one year extension after on-line registration

Item number: E42170
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Package weight: 26.25 lb