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RAYMARINE 60STV Gen2 Sat TV, 24 inch Dish, Latin Amer.

Item: E93009-2
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Contents of the Package

    60STV HD Satellite Dome
    HD Antenna control unit
    RG-6 interconnect cable (15m for dome to ACU)
    RG-6 Interconnect cable (3m for ACU to receiver)
    Power cable (10m)
    PC programming and diagnostics cable
    Installation hardware
    CD-ROM with owner's manual and programming software


 Raymarine 60STV 24" Satellite Television System
For Latin American Systems

Unique Wide Range Search (WRS) technology means Raymarine's antennas can identify and acquire satellite signals as quickly as possible. When you've got a fix on the satellite signal you want, the tracking algorithms will help ensure you keep it. They're built to cope with tough conditions too.

Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) continuously measures, and compensates for your vessel's heading, pitch and roll - keeping your antenna locked on a satellite for a clear picture, whatever the weather or waves are doing.

The Raymarine 60STV extends satellite coverage with enhanced satellite tracking in regions prone to weaker satellite signals. Automated Skew Control ensures maximum signal strength while under way by optimising the LNB skew position.


nput Voltage           12 VDC
Antenna                  24" round
Tracking                  Yes, offshore
HDTV Compatible    Check with local provider
Other Functions      None
Dimensions              Dome: 28.3"H x 27.5"D; ACU: 7.6"W x 2.5"H x 8.8"D;
Service Period          For Latin American systems receiver and subscription sold separately
Warranty                   Two Years

Item number: E93009-2
UPC: 091975009556
Shipping weight: 137 lb

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