RAYMARINE 45STV Gen2 Sat TV, 18 inch Dish, Argentina

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Contents of the package

5STV HD Satellite Dome
HD Antenna control unit
RG-6 interconnect cable (15m for dome to ACU)
RG-6 Interconnect cable (3m for ACU to receiver)
Power cable (10m)
PC programming and diagnostics cable
Installation hardware
CD-ROM with owner's manual and programming software


45STV Satellite HDTV System, MFG E42219-2, 18 inch dish,dual output LNB, for use with DirecTV in Argentina. Measures 21 inch H x 20inch D. Includes 15M RF, 10M power/data cables, and control box. Receiver and subscription required.

 45STV 18" Satellite TV System for DirecTV Argentina
For Vessels Forty Feet and Larger

The Raymarine 45STV makes underway High Definition satellite TV a reality for boats 40 feet and larger. With a compact 18" antenna, the 45STV is perfect for fishing, cruising and sailing boats alike. With HD support, the 45STV offers stunning HD programming underway or at the dock.

Raymarine's exclusive Wide Range Search algorithms and Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) technologies make satellite acquisition and tracking fast, steady and reliable in even the most extreme weather conditions. Fully stabilized to counter the motion of the boat while underway, 45STV also features conical scanning for maintaining the strongest possible signal, and a unique rotating sub-reflector that minimizes the need for constant dish movement, resulting in much quieter operation than competitive units.

45STV's standard dual LNBs offer support for multiple receivers, while its simplified cabling makes installation easy. (Satellite TV receiver, programming subscription and television required, not included.)


Input Voltage          12 VDC
Antenna                 18" round
Tracking                 Yes, offshore
HDTV Compatible    Check with local provider
Other Functions       None
Dimensions             Dome: 21.2"H x 19.7"D;  ACU: 7.6"W x 2.5"H x 8.8"D;
Service Period         For DirecTV Argentina systems (receiver and subscription sold separately)
Warranty                Two Years

Item number: E42219-2
UPC: 091975010163
Package weight: 50 lb