FURUNO GP1920CBB-NT Black Box Chartplotter Navionics Gold

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Navionics Marine Charts

Navionics Marine Charts
Navionics charts are now a fundamental tool of navigation, featuring water depths, navaids, obstructions, and other information necessary for safe navigation. Marine and lake maps presented.

Contents of the package

RCU017  NavNet Black Box Control Unit  
RPU015  GO TO RPU015/NT  
BBWGPS  Black Box WAAS/GPS Receiver




Since its release back in 2001, FURUNO’s NavNet series has been enjoying unrivalled popularity worldwide for its high reliability, performance and expandability. It has even been voted Best Integrated Navigation System by the National Marine Electronics Association for three consecutive years. Now, NavNet vx2 is ready to carry on the tradition.

NavNet vx2 combines radar, GPS/WAAS chart plotter, fish finder, and network weather facsimile into an all-round navigation network. Its wide range of options fulfils virtually every desire you may have for navigation system.

Radar, GPS, Network fish finder, Network weather facsimile - a multistation integrated navigation network, NavNet vx2 lets you build your navigation system according to your needs. Utilizing state-of-the-art network technology, NavNet vx2 provides you with seamless data sharing and vast future expandability.

The heart of NavNet vx2 is its Ethernet-based network. Up to four displays, together with various navigational sensors, can be interconnected in addition to new MaxSea-NavNet navigational software, which adds even more features to your NavNet vx2 network. Stress-free navigation can be performed from any display unit connected to the onboard network, due to the high-speed transfer of data available.

  • All units are capable of controlling any component connected to the NavNet network
  • Perfect for single or multi display installations
  • Compatible with Navionics® Gold 2XG/3XG cartography, as well as XL9 (special order), Navionics® Fish ‘N Chips and HotMaps bathymetric chartsards for chart and memory.
  • Fast chart drawing speed.
  • Straightforward “Plug ’n Play” installation with wizard style set-up


  • Black Box configuration allows you to choose virtually any VGA display type & size
  • Compact, waterproof keyboard functions the same as 10.4" NavNet
  • Comes standard with NTSC/PAL video interface for external camera or other video input
  • Commercially popular SD card format with dual chart/memory card slots
  • Compatible with Navionics® Gold 2XG/3XG cartography, as well as XL9 (special order), Navionics® Fish ‘N Chips and HotMaps bathymetric charts
  • Simplified installation with new “Network Wizard” set-up
  • Cursor L/L Position Display (requires Heading data)
  • On-Screen Display of Vessel Position, Heading, etc.
  • Vessel Position Display in L/L or Loran-C TD's
  • North-Up, Course-Up or Automatic Course-Up display modes
  • Plotter, Nav Data, Steering Director or Highway display modes
  • Up to 8,000 points for ship's track and marks, 999 waypoints, 35 quick points, 1 MOB, 200 planned routes (max. 35 waypoints/route) and 1 quick route
  • Add Multiple Displays by Connecting to NavNet Interface
  • Add Network Sounder by Connecting to NavNet Interface
  • MOB Key Stroke stores Vessel position and time
  • Plotter Range Scales from 0.14 to 6,144 nautical miles
  • 16 different mark symbols may be used
  • Waypoint entry by L/L position or TD position or target Range and Bearing
  • Plotter position interval may be set by Time or Distance Traveled
  • TLL position from specific Furuno Radars or Echo sounders 

GPS Features

  • Integral parallel tracking GPS/WAAS receiver
  • Up to 900 knot tracking velocity
  • 20 seconds for first position fix
  • GPS position accuracy of approximately 10 meters, 95% of the time with S/A off
  • WAAS position accuracy of approximately 3 meters, 95% of the time with S/A off

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Power Requirements:

  • 12 or 24 VDC

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