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GARMIN GWS 10 Wind Sensor with GMI 20 Bundle

Item: 010-00747-02
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Contents of the Package

  • GWS 10 Wind Sensor
  • Mounting hardware
  • NMEA 2000 backbone cable on spool
  • NEMA 2000 field installable connector
  • NEMA 2000 in-line terminator
  • NEMA 2000 femal terminator
  • In-line lightning arrestor
  • Documentation
  • GMI 20

  • Features

    The GWS 10 wind sensor gives you, the sailor, even more control by allowing you to maximize the performance and speed of your boat with wind vane technology.

    Discover the Benefit of Harnessed Wind Power

    GWS 10 uses a wind vane for detection of wind direction and an anemometer to register wind speed. These measurements enhance your boat’s potential as you adjust your sail accordingly to harness the wind’s strength.

    Besides delivering wind measurements, GWS 10 captures barometric pressure and air temperature data. When combined with other sensors, GWS 10 enables those on board to gather specific wind data such as ground and true wind, wind VMG and track heading.

    Enjoy Simple Interface and NMEA 2000® Connectivity

    Combining wind and weather measurement from a single, integrated sensing unit, GWS 10 installs with ease, providing data output to your cockpit display via NMEA 2000 cable and bus, which powers the unit. GWS 10 is designed to interface with the GMI™ 10/20 digital marine instrument, the GPSMAP® 4000/5000 chartplotter series or any manufacturer’s NMEA 2000-enabled chartplotters and displays.

    Two Options
    When selecting your GWS, there are 2 bundled versions to pick from: one includes a GMI 20 and the other, a DST800 thru-hull smart transducer and GMI 20. The GMI shows wind speed and direction, air temperature and barometric pressure, and 100-plus marine and vessel parameters. The thru-hull records water depth, water temperature and boat speed.


    Item number: 010-00747-02
    UPC: 753759114619
    Shipping weight: 7 lb

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